Millennium Falcon Desk Lamp

If you have that awesome TIE Fighter Light, you need to get this new Millennium Falcon Desk Lamp as well so they can battle it out on your desk. It features a 1:180 scale Millennium Falcon replica and is fully poseable so you can set the light just right.

Yep, this desk lamp features an accurate replica of a YT-1300 Corellian light freighter, as it is officially licensed Star Wars merchandise. It features a fully poseable neck, making it easy to defeat the Dark Side of your desk. It stands about 60 cm (24″) tall and is powered by USB. (3M/10′ USB cable included.)

It’s time to stop falcon around and make the jump to lightspeed. This is the light you’ve been looking for.

Complete with offset cockpit, forward cargo mandibles, and rear slot for the engines, this diddy falcon is a perfect replica of the real deal. It’s so realistic that if you slashed it open with a lightsaber, you’d probably find a tiny little Han Solo and Chewie inside. You’ll have to take our word for it.

Angle it wherever you’d like, it’s posable. Why not start a war against your TIE fighter desk lamp on the other side? Not that one of those would be any match for this super-fast behemoth.

Purchase this Millennium Falcon Desk Lamp for £49.99 ($63.99) at Firebox. You can also find it at Merchoid.

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  • It's a shame (and a crime against humanity) that the evil corporation Disney owns Stars Wars now. I am a huge Stars Wars geek, but can now never buy Star Wars merch ever again as I will do EVERYTHING I can to NEVER give that evil corporation ANY of my money!!! Shame on you George!!! smh

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