Millennium Falcon Cockpit Backdrop

This Millennium Falcon Cockpit Backdrop is perfect for Star Wars fans that ever wanted their own starship. It is awesome for photo ops, as it looks like you are right inside the cockpit of the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy.

It’s similar to the life-size Cardboard Standees you can get of your favorite characters or real-life stars. To look realistic it is big, 88″ wide by 87″ tall, and it has a high-quality, high-resolution print of the graphics. It also features two pieces, which really adds to the illusion that you are inside the Millennium Falcon in pictures. First, there’s the main square piece for the background and then there is a cutout piece for the chairs and front controls that goes in front. Stand between them and pose for a picture that looks like you’re piloting a highly modified Corellian YT-1300F light freighter.

This is a cardboard cutout of Cockpit of Millenium Falcon Backdrop. Great for fans of Solo – A Star Wars Story. It features a single-sided high-quality print on cardboard with an easel on the back so it can stand on its own. Cardboard cutouts make great decor for parties, photo ops or events!

This Millennium Falcon Cockpit Backdrop is available from Wayfair. The regular price is $109.99, but it is on sale for $89.99 with free shipping at this time. If you can’t afford that, try winning it in a game of sabacc.

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