Jack Skellington Pumpkin Head Lamp

If you want a spooky decoration that gives your room an eerie glow at night, you need The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Pumpkin Head Lamp.

Stylized to look like Jack Skellington’s head from The Nightmare Before Christmas, this pumpkin lamp features a mouth and eyes that cast an eerie glow. It is powered by batteries (2 x AAA batteries, not included), so you can place it anywhere. It is about 7″ tall and would be a terrific addition to your Halloween decorations.

Time for a spooky glow! This cream pumpkin lantern from The Nightmare Before Christmas features Jack Skellington’s eyes and smile. The LED light inside casts an eerie glow in the dark but blends in with your surroundings in the daytime.

Get your Jack Skellington Pumpkin Head Lamp for $12.90 at Hot Topic.

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