Jack Skellington Head Popcorn Bucket

Sure, you can use this Jack Skellington Head Popcorn Bucket to hold your popcorn, but on Halloween, it is perfect to use for trick-or-treating. Unless you insist on using the old pillowcase trick. In that case, take a look at these.

This 9″ diameter bucket, which looks like Jack Skellington’s head, can hold a generous helping of your favorite snacks, like popcorn, pretzels, or candy. It is officially licensed The Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise and features a cool detachable strap.

The joy of popcorn is something Jack Skellington is waiting to discover. Fill this popcorn bucket from The Nightmare Before Christmas with your fave snack and help him discover “What’s this?”

This Jack Skellington Head Popcorn Bucket is $22.90 $9.16 at Hot Topic. That’s a really cheap price and a big discount off the list price, so you better hurry. They’ll likely run out or raise the price soon.

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