Handheld Fish Mouse

Handheld Fish Mouse

Another day, another fish-shaped computer mouse. We’ve recently seen them designed as a lure, aquarium and mini-fish – and today; a handheld model.

This Fish-Shped Handheld Mouse ($14) is operated without the need of a surface. You simply hold the ergonomic mouse in the hand and the control the cursor with the two buttons and the trackball.

It’s compatible with Windows 95/98/2000/XP.

Handheld Fish Mouse


  1. Not a bad idea, especial for use with a laptop in a none desktop available environment.. but can I just say.. do you think they had this idea before or after the Wii came out? 😉

  2. I bought this product to replace a trackman that my puppy destroyed. Although it feels great in hand, it is a bit combersome to use because the ball can not be calibrated and you have to flip it so many times to get it to cross the screen it ends up making my thumb sore. I think if they came out with software or a way to calibrate the ball it would be a better item.

  3. Instead of the track ball could you have a joystick type affair? Like on playstation games controller? If you had one of those i would buy one in a snap. My hand is killing me! You could use the joystick as another clicking device.

  4. This thing SUCKS, and it doesn’t even suck WELL! Even at only $15 it’s STILL a cheap piece of CRAP! The ball is stiff, slow, erratic and constantly hits “dead spots” It actually manages to make the touchpad on my laptop look GOOD! DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!

  5. This mouse SHOULD be a truly great thing- instead, it’s a victim of shoddy workmanship. It’s a truly great idea, and would be a wonderful mouse if the manufacturer had any respect for quality. The trackball doesn’t work at all. The “Fellows” egg-shaped handheld mouse is a million times better- it actually works. I’ve never been so disappointed in a mouse, and I collect mice so I’ve used quite a range of the things.

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