Frogitat Forg & Toad Home

Got some pet frogs or live in a place that’s full of these creatures going hoppity-hop? Then you should, by all means, get those frogs a place of their own to call home when they happen to chance upon your garden with the Frogitat. By and large it’s far from these frog’s natural habitats, but it’s a shelter that they can stay in or hideaway at when the weather’s not being too kind or when it’s too cold out during the winter season.

One reason why we see so many animals and creatures that are otherwise termed as “wild” roaming out and about our homes and gardens is because we have invaded their homes and natural habitat. So give back a little and share your property with these frogs by hiding away a Frogitat in one of the deeper recesses of your garden.


Product Features:

  • Provides an attractive and safe retreat for frogs and toads
  • ‘Overwintering’ shelf at the rear
  • Natural earthy green, mottled and part glazed finish to blend in


  • Measures approximately 21cm(W) x 21cm(L) x 15cm(H)
  • Weighs approximately 1.7kg

The Frogitat is available from Firebox for £17.99.

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