EER Steam-Powered Entropy Calibrator Watch

Wear this Alchemy Empire EER Steam-Powered Entropy Calibrator Watch on your wrist, and everyone will want to come over for a closer look. Open up the watch cover and as they look perplexed at the unique ‘Galvanic Scale’ dial face, they’ll probably look surprised once they realize it really does tell time.

Although it actually uses an accurate modern quartz movement to keep time, this watch looks like it is powered by steam. Made by Alchemy of England, the EER Steam-Powered Entropy Calibrator Watch is constructed using 100% Fine English Pewter.

Give your pocket a break and complete your Steampunk ensemble with this EER Steam-Powered Entropy Watch. It’s all the cool parts of a pocket watch, but you can show it off to everyone because it’s on your wrist instead of hiding out around your pocket.

A truly stunning apparatus of rare mid-Victorian invention, measuring the decay of time using Carnot’s second law of thermo dynamics. With the unique, ‘Galvanic Scale’ dial face and a hinged, magnetic-fastening pressure hatch cover.

A unique watch that combines vintage steampunk with modern time-keeping.

Quartz movement 35mm dia., instrument-dial face, Empire watch with hinged, magnetic cover, on a hinged pewter bracelet incorporating copper coils and plastic pipes, with adjustable steel fastener.

Sold at ThinkGeek, the EER Steam-Powered Entropy Watch is priced at $349.99.

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