Disney Dumbo Tapestry Throw Blanket

In just a month, the new Dumbo Movie will arrive in theaters, creating a new generation of fans for this flying elephant. You don’t have to wait for the movies release for cute merchandise, since fantastic items like this Disney Dumbo Tapestry Throw Blanket are already available.

Measuring 48 inches by 60 inches, this tapestry throw blanket features a fringe and a cute portrait of Dumbo along with the declaration, “Wonder Elepant soars to fame.” It is officially-licensed Disney merchandise and is made in the USA.

Get comfy with the cutest flying elephant as Dumbo soars through your nap time! This tapestry style throw blanket features Dumbo and “Wonder Elephant soars to fame.”

Available exclusively at BoxLunch, this Disney Dumbo Tapestry Throw Blanket retails for $39.90. Currently (as of February 21, 2019) BoxLunch has a 25% off Disney merchandise sale, making this item just $29.92.

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