Crave Japan Snack Box

This Crave Japan Snack Box is an easy way to sample tons of unique Japanese snacks without traveling across the world. It’s perfect for Japanese living abroad to get a taste of home, and ideal for people that have never been Japan to sample delicious premium Japanese snacks they’ve never even heard of, let alone tasted.

Inside the Crave Japan Snack Box is an assortment of snacks and a drink, plus there’s a pamphlet that provides detailed information about the items. It’s a good deal too because there is over $45 worth of snacks packed into the $30 box.

Access the craziest, trendiest and tastiest snacks from Japan with the Crave Japan box! What is it? It’s over $45 worth of delicious premium Japanese snacks for only $30! Inside the box you will find a drink and an assortment of snacks with a pamphlet that provides more detailed information on its contents. Also includes a $5 gift voucher for Crave Japan! Enjoy!

You can buy the Crave Japan Snack Box at Hot Topic. Normally it is $30, but today (January 5, 2018) it is on sale for just $24. It is also sold at Box Lunch.

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