Star Wars Bouquet with Yoda

Adorable Star Wars Plush Toy Bouquet

Enjoy all your favorite Star Wars characters with the third installment of the Star Wars Plush Bouquet. This bouquet includes R2-D2, BB-8, Chewbacca, Han Solo, Darth Vader, Leia, Wicket, Yoda, and a Porg. Be prepared this Valentine’s Day and avoid the embarrassing “I know” moment. […]


Skull Ice Cube Mold

Add a little creep-tastic beverage cooling to your drink with the Skull Ice Cube Mold. This dishwasher safe mold is perfect for making ice cubes, candies or even soaps. Skull Ice Cube Mold Use this mold set to make skull-shaped (minus lower jaw) ice cubes […]


Yoda Do Better I Will T-Shirt

If you’re looking for a few new Funny T-Shirts, the NeatoShop has you covered with great stuff like the Yoda Do Better I Will T-Shirt. We all know The Force is strong with Yoda, but his grammar leaves something to be desired. Preshrunk and available […]


Bloodpool Pillow

Horror movie fans and practical jokers will appreciate this Bloodpool Pillow. Designed to resemble a pool of blood, this plush pillow will be good for a few laughs…or screams. The Bloodpool Pillow is made from 100% polyester velvet with styro-bead and measures 17 inches x […]


Doctor Who TARDIS Apron

Making cooking a little more fun for the Doctor Who fan with the Doctor Who TARDIS Apron. Officially licensed and featuring an adjustable strap, this apron is perfect for the fan that wishes they had their own TARDIS…Just don’t expect to do any time traveling […]


Found Wooldo T-Shirt

The NeatoShop has plenty of Funny T-Shirts and this Found Wooldo T-Shirt should bring a smile to any Sci-Fi fans face. Poking fun at those Where’s Waldo books, this t-shirt shows us that our alien friends know how to have a good time as well….Let’s […]


In My Prime T-Shirt

The In My Prime T-Shirt is perfect for Optimus Prime loving fans. Designed to resemble a torn t-shirt with Optimus Prime’s Kenworth K100 cab over truck body underneath, this shirt will have you looking like you have abs of steel. Available in ladies fit or […]


Rock Paper Scissors T-Shirt

This Rock Paper Scissors T-Shirt has a little something for every Sci-Fi fan…I believe Sheldon would approve! The Rock Paper Scissors design comes in your choice of ladies fit, regular fit or oversized fit, printed on a 100% preshrunk ComfortSoft cotton shirt. Rock Paper Scissors […]


Legend of Zombies T-Shirt

Classic Nintendo and zombie fans will appreciate this Legend of Zombies T-Shirt. It seems that even our favorite 8-bit hero Link isn’t immune to the zombie treatment….But it’s not brains he’s after, it’s those hard to find hearts. Designed by Winter Artwork Illustrations, you can […]


Aluminum Zombie Shelter Sign

This Aluminum Zombie Shelter Sign is perfect for your makeshift shelter, bedroom or entertainment area. Sure 12/21/2012 has come and gone, but there’s still plenty signs that the world is about to end. Made from aluminum, this 20″ x 12″ sign should prove to be […]