Bob’s Burgers Sleeve Print Pullover Hoodie

What’s your favorite burger of the day? Say It Ain’t Cilantro Burger, New Bacon-ings, Foot Feta-ish Burger, Papaya Was A Rolling Stone Burger, Pepper Don’t Preach Burger, Little Swiss Bunshine Burger, Fig-eta Bout It Burger, Butterface Burger, Totally Radish Burger, I’ve Created a Muenster Burger, […]

8-Bit Watch

Classic Silicon 8-Bit Watch

Show some love for the classics with this 8-Bit Watch. Back in the day 8-Bit was all we had and now it’s all we want…Here’s looking at you Nintendo!. You remember the classic silicon watches with the little calculators or fancy printed faces, well this […]

Handmade Pie Lollipops

Tasty Handmade Pie Lollipops

GeekAlerts has shown you hundreds of unique food items: World’s Largest Sour Gummy Worm, Instant Regret 100,000 Scovilles Vodka, Star Wars Death Star Lollipops, World’s Largest Gummy Bear are just a few, so I think we know a thing or two about tasty treats. These […]