Bigfoot Playing Cards

Bigfoot Playing Cards

These Bigfoot Playing Cards will let you contemplate the mythical beast known as Bigfoot while you deal out everyone’s hand. They are the perfect cards for researchers of cryptids who also enjoy a good card game. This deck of cards will be hours of fun […]


Super Exclusive Club T-Shirt

Spider-Man finally gets to play but the Super Exclusive Club T-Shirt proves that not everybody gets accepted into the Marvel clubhouse as Batman gets sent away. Spidey has finally been greeted with hugs and Shawarma into the same cinematic universe inhabited by the Avengers but […]


The Autobiography of James T. Kirk

Get ready to take the con with The Autobiography of James T. Kirk and kick your Star Trek love to Warp Factor 5 with the story of Starfleet’s greatest captain. Author David A. Goodman (who wrote Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years, in addition […]


Star Wars Force-O-Meter T-Shirt

How strong are you with the Force? With the Star Wars Force-O-Meter T-Shirt, others won’t have to be a Jedi to know you’re close to reaching Master Yoda’s level of awesome. Do… or do not. There is no try. And, of course, I’m talking about […]


Realistic Wall-Bursting Velociraptor

Rawr! Put a little Jurassic in your world with the Realistic Wall-Bursting Velociraptor. You’ll wonder where Owen is every time you look at it. Where’s the Raptor Whisperer when you need him? This highly-detailed, three-piece replica features inlaid eyes with realistic detailing, rows of menacing […]