Garden Critter Solar Light

Let the wildlife light the way with the Garden Critter Solar Light. Whether you choose the raccoon or the gopher, this highly-detailed, 10-inch-tall, polyresin statue will add a little illumination to your yard or garden… or use the convenient on/off switch to keep their bright […]


DC Comics Zatanna Bishoujo Statue

The DC Comics Zatanna Bishoujo Statue gives us a look at the spell-weaving heroine of the DC Universe, with a sexy Bishoujo twist added. You might have seen the pin-up style DC Comics Bombshells Zatanna Statue but this one sticks with the present-day outfit worn […]


Thorgi Sandstone Statue

The inscription on Mjolnir reads, ‘Whosoever holds this hammer, if she be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor,’ and the Thorgi Sandstone Statue reveals what happens when a lovable Corgi is deemed worthy. Thunder, lightning, and the awesome power of cuteness are wielded by […]


Princess Bride-opoly Board Game

In the Princess Bride-opoly Board Game, you and your friends will take a trip inside the classic fantasy film, The Princess Bride! You will sail across the Shrieking Eel-infested waters! Traverse the deadly Fire Swamp! And of course, storm the mighty castle! You will also […]

Chocolate Dipped Peeps

Chocolate Dipped Peeps

Peeps are a classic Easter candy that everyone loves. Whether you are in live or just spending your Valentine’s Day alone, make Peeps a part of it. These Chocolate Dipped Peeps will make an even better treat this year. You get 3 strawberry flavored chicks […]


Now I Nerd my ABCs T-Shirt

The Now I Nerd my ABCs T-Shirt is probably the easiest way to teach your little geeks and nerds their ABCs because they’ll be able to instantly relate to the learning material. Even if you’ve mastered the alphabet, this is a very smart (heh!) addition […]


Zombie Melting Candle

The Zombie Melting Candle craves more than brains. He also has a strong desire for someone to blow his flame out before it’s too late. Candles have a reputation for creating romantic ambiance… but that probably doesn’t apply to this little guy. However, if you […]