Superman Symbol Rug

Cut a rug with the Man of Steel. This Superman Symbol Rug will put Superman’s symbol right on the floor of your Fortress of Solitude. It will geek up your room nicely with its bright colors and symbol of justice. This rug is 100% polyester […]

Dalek Night Light

Doctor Who Dalek Night Light

Daleks are some of the most dangerous creatures ever, so why not enlist their help to keep the bogeyman away? This Doctor Who Dalek Night Light will do the trick. This Dalek will stand guard when the lights go out and exterminate anything that goes […]

Firefly Socks

Firefly Socks

Firefly fans can wear their fandom on their feet with these Firefly Socks. This is Firefly for both sexes and fits women’s shoe sizes 6 1/2 to men’s size 12. You can choose from Jayne’s Hat or Blue Sun design. These are officially-licensed Firefly merchandise, […]


Firefly Clue Board Game

Get ready for a game of clue set in the Firefly universe with Firefly Clue. The mystery? You have to find out who helped the Alliance take River. This game has locations from the world of Joss Whedon’s TV series Firefly. This is a great […]