Halo 4 Action Figures

Fans of the Halo franchise of games will want to get their hands on these Halo 4 Action Figures, which look pretty awesome. These 6″ action figures each have at least two dozen moving parts. You can choose from Master Chief, Didact, Elite Ranger, Spartan […]


Wooden Catapult Kit

Since we really don’t need catapults to attack and defend castles these days, they are exclusively used for fun. And this Wooden Catapult Kit is all about fun. This kit will allow you to build your own classic catapult and is easy to assemble. You […]


Harry Potter House Robes

No matter what house affiliation you identify with, get yourself one of these Harry Potter House Robes and celebrate your house in style. These soft, 100% cotton robes come in Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff variations and are officially-licensed Harry Potter merchandise. They look awesome. […]


Wall Torch Sconce

With this handy Wall Torch Sconce your home can become a dungeon, a castle, even an ancient cavern. At last you can feel like an adventurer. Just grab your torch and explore. It has a flickering glow and transforms from wall-mounted to hand-held in a […]


Firefly: The Board Game

In Firefly: The Board Game, You get to captain your own Firefly class starship and fly around the ‘Verse. You’ll find plenty of adventure along the way. The game includes an exclusive Supply Card from Thinkgeek. It is a must have for fans of the […]


Plants vs. Zombies Zombie Mask

So, you want to be a zombie but you’re not really into gore? No problem because the Plants vs. Zombies Zombie Mask lets you transform yourself into a victim of the zombie apocalypse that looks more cute than scary. Forget peeling skin and entrails hanging […]


Catzilla Sweatshirt

When Mother Nature goes wonky, mankind can face extinction from giant lizards, giant turtles, and even giant moths. However, the Catzilla Sweatshirt reveals the greatest threat to our continued survival – giant cats… that shoot laser-beams from their eyes. The pullover sweatshirt features an all-over […]


Doctor Who Pink TARDIS Journal

At last, a Doctor Who journal that women will love. This Doctor Who Pink TARDIS Journal will be more likely to color coordinate with your dress or shoes…or whatever. Use it to write love letters to your favorite Doctor or document your own exciting adventures. […]


Buddha Butter Dish

We all know that butter is the path to enlightenment so you might as well use this Buddha Butter Dish and make a religion out of it. Eat enough butter and you will be just like him. Large of belly, but very happy. Oh and […]