ZombiKeys – Key Covers

ZombiKeys - Key Covers

If you want to give your keys some zombie personality and possibly keep touchy fingers away from them, get the ZombiKeys – Key Covers. These cool key covers come in 6 packs with different undead characters ready to adorn your most prized keys. My two favorites are the zombie with a partial exposed brain and the green zombie with a bleeding bullet hole in his head.

Whichever ones you choose, your keys are sure to provoke some curiosity from zombie lovers and monster film fans alike. Just remember not to keep these keys at head level…just in case!

ZombiKeys – Key Covers

You’ve outrun the undead horde and you’ve finally made it to the safety of your impenetrable, triple locked fortress … but in the midst of the horror you can’t figure out which key opens which lock! The brain-starved living dead mob presses closer and you prepare for your last stand – why hadn’t you scooped up a set of our Zombikeys Key Covers?! Don’t trust your life to anything but the best in zombie head key identification technology.

Set of 6 unique key covers, sure to save you from the zombie apocalypse

You can purchase your set of 6 ZombiKeys – Key Covers at PerpetualKid.com for $5.99 and at Amazon.com form $5.90.

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