Zombies vs. Zombie Hunters “Army Men” Figures

Zombies vs Zombie Hunters

GeekAlerts has shown you “Army Men” styled zombie figures in the past, like the The Walking Dead Zombie Army Men and the Box O Zombies, but now can get your hands on the zombies and the hunters that will try take them down.

The Zombies vs. Zombie Hunters “Army Men” Figures come with five different types of hunters and zombies, with a total of 35 figures per bag. That should be enough zombies to have your LEGO minifigures up in arms, not to mention the person that gets stuck with cleanup duty after the carnage is done.

Zombies vs. Zombie Hunters Army Men Figures

Zombies vs. Zombie Hunters “Army Men” Figures

  • Comes in a retro-style grab bag!
  • 5 different types of Zombie and Zombie Hunters
  • Lime green and navy blue avoids the iconic forest green of the army man allowing for awesome campaigns and reintroduction of the plastic soldiers!
  • Fun for kids, obviously, and adults for their nostalgic parody!

You can purchase the Zombies vs. Zombie Hunters “Army Men” Figures at ThinkGeek.com for $9.99 and at Amazon.com and Entertainment Earth for under $8.

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