Zombie Shooting Gallery

Zombie Shooting Gallery Game

With all the talk about Zombies and books like The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z by Max Brooks, you better start fine tuning your hunting skills.  The Zombie Shooting Gallery is a fun and very cheap (on sale for $15) way to take a break from work or have some fun when friends are over.  This electronic and mechanical shooting gallery lets you practice your undead killing skills and keeps score so you can decide who you want with you when the time for real hunting comes.

Electronic Zombie Shooting Game and Laser Gun

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  • Electronic and mechanical shooting gallery lets you practice your undead killing skills
  • Included assault rifle fires a laser which is detected by the zombie targets
  • Shoot each zombie as it pops out or a human hostage is devoured indicated by a red silhouette in an upper window
  • Zombies get faster and faster. Shoot them more quickly to increase your score.
  • LED display indicates your score
  • Dimensions: 17″ h x 18″ w

You can purchase the Zombie Shooting Gallery on sale at ThinkGeek for only $14.99.  For more cool Zombie stuff, checkout the Dismember-Me Zombie Plush, Zombie Cookie Jar and Zombie Juice Water Bottle.  Watch the video of the game in action:

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