Zombie Horse Mask

Zombie Horse Mask

Two crazes collide when the Horse Head mask combines with undead zombie goodness for the Zombie Horse Mask… that’s made even cooler because it glows in the dark.

What happens when a horse gets chomped on by a zombie? Even more important, what happens when a person wearing a horse mask falls to the zombie apocalypse?

This latex mask features a faux fur mane and realistic-looking rotting flesh, complete with dangling eyeball on one side. With all that exposed muscle, bone, and brain peeking through the tattered skin, it might be easy to underestimate this guy if he comes around looking for a quick bite, but you’ll notice those teeth are just fine.

Of course, if a person was really wearing this mask when a zombie bit them, they’d be one hungry zombie because they probably wouldn’t be smart enough to pull the mask off. With that thought in mind, grab as many of these as possible and give them to friends and family. The mask might not save them from walking the earth as one of the undead but they won’t spread the plague either.

Horse Zombie Mask

Join the zombie horde (herd?) with the Zombie Horse Mask for $29.95 at McPhee.com.

(Via Fashionably Geek)

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