Zombie Cribbage

Zombie Cribbage

The zombie apocalypse won’t be all about death and destruction. There will probably be lots of down-time too, and Zombie Cribbage will help make sure you don’t die of boredom, because really, won’t there be enough things in our ruined world to kill us? Why add boredom to the mix?

The zombie version of this popular 17th Century card game is played just like standard cribbage but the visuals are much more fitting for a dystopian world plagued by the undead. Instead of a plain-looking scoring board, you get a board that looks like a cobbled street, and tiny zombies take the place of scoring pins.

Even the royal family is affected because the playing cards include zombified versions of the Kings, Queens, and Jacks.

Zombie Cribbage

  • Please make sure you’re well barricaded in before indulging in card games
  • Wile away the quiet hours of the zombie apocalypse
  • Resurrect a classic card game

Box Contents:

  • Folding plastic cribbage board
  • 4 Zombie scoring figures
  • 54 Zombified playing cards
  • Instruction pamphlet (Z-fold, naturally)
  • Measures approximately 19.4cm(W) x 10.4cm(H) x 5.6cm(D)

Zombie Cribbage is available for $24.09 at Firebox.com.

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