Zoku Tools for Ice Pops

Zoku Tools for Ice Pops

I am of the belief that ice lollies should be made a part of every kid’s childhood. I know mine were filled with a whole lot of them–but it wasn’t just the great tasting ice pops. It was the memories that these frozen treats conjure up: celebrating a Little League game, as a reward for acing a test, as a treat over bonding with my old man while we watched a basketball game. Start making your own decorated popsicles and begin forging unforgettable memories with the Zoku Tools.

Aside from allowing to you come up with ice pops of different colors, faces, and designs, the Zoku Tools also let you mix up your own icy concoction to make up a healthier treat. Use fruit juices, natural ingredients, add fresh fruits and nuts to serve up frozen treats that are also healthy at the same time.

Zoku Tools

Zoku Tools

Well, armed with Zoku Tools you can now take your frozen creations to entirely new levels of icy deliciousness! Three non-drip Zoku Pour Cups give you complete control when pouring juice into the Zoku Quick Lolly Maker. Two Stencils(one heart and one star) let you add different coloured shapes in the body of your ice lollies. A Fruit Wand lets you press fruit pieces or Stencils into the wall of your ice lollies. An Angle Tray lets you tip the Quick Lolly Maker so that you can create ice lollies with diagonal lines of colours. And finally, a Siphon lets you easily remove juice from the Quick Lolly Maker. Letting you build up an outer wall of one flavour of juice (and removing the excess) and then adding a different flavour for the core.

  • 3x non-drip Zoku Pour Cups for neat and accurate pours
  • 1x Heart Stencil
  • 1x Star Stencil
  • 1x Fruit Wand to easily apply stencil cut-outs and fruit slices
  • 1x Siphon for making flavored core pops and for pouring accurate layers with the angle tray
  • 1x Angle Tray for making insane Zoku geometry
  • Instructions

The Zoku Tools are available from Firebox for £12.99.

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