Zing Lunch Launching Catapult Spoon

Zing Lunch Launching Catapult Spoon

Food fighters beware; the ultimate low profile food fight weapon is here.  The Zing Lunch Launching Catapult Spoon is the perfect way to secretly start that lunchroom food fight.  One spoonful goes in your mouth, one spoonful launches across the room; no one is any the wiser on who or how it started.  This spoon takes the obvious hand throwing motion out of the classic food fight and brings in a more modern day type of warfare.  So sit back, relax, eat your lunch with your Zing Lunch Launching Catapult Spoon and wait till the moments right; then let when they least expect it, let them have it!

Zing Lunch Launching Catapult Spoon

Everyone knows you shouldn’t play with your food. But hey – sometimes you have to defend your dinner! Now there’s a new weapon in your homeland security arsenal – load up a particularly mushy pea or corn niblet, aim, pull back the spring-loaded handle, and watch your food take flight. Zing! It’s WAY more fun than a war of words. Available in Red or Assorted (Red, Purple, Green), packaged in clear, recyclable, peggable display boxes.

You can purchase the Fred & Friends Zing Lunch Launching Catapult Spoon at Amazon.com from $4.50.  If you are looking for other fun utensils, checkout these: Superhero Spoon, Air One Fork, and Sip-N-Spoon Set.

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