ZIIIRO Mercury Stainless Steel Watch

ZIIIRO Mercury Watches

ZIIIRO Mercury Watches are an impressive encore to the Ziiiro Gravity Watches with their beautiful minimalist design. ZIIIRO Mercury watches sport the same great watch watch face with a simple, yet unique, way of telling time. The difference is that the Mercury model has a stainless steel mesh bracelet, available in chrome or black, that make these watches look more upscale and sophisticated. Yet this design doesn’t take away from the futuristic look of these timepieces.

ZIIIRO Mercury Watch

ZIIIRO Mercury is currently available in 4 color combinations: Chrome/Magenta, Chrome/Ocean, Black/Magenta, and Black/Ocean. Only Chrome/Magenta is in-stock at this time, but the others are available for pre-orders.

ZIIIRO Mercury Watches are available for €149 at ZIIRO.

Which do you like better, the ZIIIRO Gravity or ZIIIRO Mercury? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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4 Responses to “ZIIIRO Mercury Stainless Steel Watch”

  1. I prefer the stainless steel watch band, so my vote is for the Mercury. Now deciding between chrome and black is a much more difficult decision, and I don’t know whether I like magenta or ocean for the face as both color choices look good.

  2. I would go for Gravity – it looks lighter and trendier. But ZIIIRO Mercury looks cool on men’s arm. I wonder if they only ship from Hong Kong.

  3. I agree to go for the Gravity, or one of the other silicone/stainless models. Arthur, we also ship them from Australia:

    Ziiiro Watches Australia

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