Zero Gravity Micro R/C Car

Zero Gravity Micro R/C Car

This radio-controlled, zero gravity, mini racing car is introduced as “the next generation of upside down-driving vehicles” – a smaller version of those wall-climbing R/C toys you might have come across before.

Believe it or not, this sporty little racer is capable of driving across any smooth surface; horizontal, vertical or even completely upside down.

Here’s a video clip of the zero gravity micro car in action:

Zero Gravity Micro features an advanced Venturi suction system that works a bit like a vacuum cleaner. Special fans create massive down-force to keep it glued to the wall whilst flexible skirts around the chassis ensure the vacuum remains sealed.

You control the action via a stylish twin toggle infra-red transmitter and the vehicle itself is powered by a rechargeable battery. Simply charge and go.

Zero Gravity Micro R/C Car


  • The Zero Gravity Micro will climb your walls and ceilings
  • To show low battery, the car’s headlights will flash so remove from the wall/ceiling to avoid a plonk on the head
  • The car charges directly from the IR remote control
  • Fully functioning headlights and taillights
  • 1:43 scale of a real sports car

Zero Gravity Micro R/C Car

The Zero Gravity Micro R/C Car is available from Firebox for £29.95 (about $55 USD).

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  1. Added to the XMAS LIST…Check!

  2. vry vry vry cooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This is so going on my Xmas list this year. It reminds me of the Air Swimmers, are they somehow related?

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