Yo-Yo Lamp

Yo-Yo Lamp

The YoYo ($317) floor lamp by Elmar Flototto has got both beautiful and smart design. Place the lamp wherever you feel like and simply roll out the exact cord length needed.

Height 28cm (11in.), diameter 47.5cm (18.7in.), cable 16m (17.5 yards).

(Via acquire)

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10 Responses to “Yo-Yo Lamp”

  1. I think those $317 is bit too much. we in India have them for Rs20/- that means 50 cents…Ok agreed they are not as classy but still they are more colorful…its MONEY for DESIGN…but cool indeed.

  2. I agree they’re a bit over prized. I would still be willing to pay quite a bit to get my hands on one.

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