Workaholics Hand T-Shirt

Workaholics Tight Butthole T-Shirt

Do you want to know what’s totally tight butthole? New episodes of Workaholics start tonight! Also, this Workaholics Hand T-Shirt. If you didn’t know, tight butthole is good, loose butthole is bad. Also, you can pretty easily make your hand look like a tight butthole, as shown in this t-shirt.

Since yesterday was the Memorial Day Holiday, it is easy to think that today is Monday. However, it is Tuesday and Workaholics Season 3 kicks off tonight after Tosh.0. It would be cool to watch the new ‘sodes while sporting one of these tees.

These 100% cotton Workaholics Hand T-Shirts are available at, and right now they’re on sale starting at just $13.98! Wearing one of these shirts can show everyone that you’re super tight butthole. If you’re still not convinced that tight butthole is good, consider the alternative. Being loose butthole is definitely bad.

For those keeping track at home, times I said “butthole” above in this post: 7.

Workaholics Tight Butthole T Shirt

Update: I just found another Workaholics Tight Butthole T Shirt, this red one pictured above. It is available for $19.88 at

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