Woman in Red Ep. 1 Dress

Woman in Red Episode 1 dress

Comic book super heroine The Woman In Red (no, not Kelly LeBrock in that 80’s flick) took charge of her life when the system was working against her. Women have come a long way since the 1940’s, but we still share some common struggles with this heroic femme fatale. Till this day, we are still fighting crimes of fashion and one way to combat fashion faux-pas is to wear this fantastic Woman In Red Ep. 1 Dress

Woman in Red Ep 1 dress

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Woman in Red Ep. 1 Dress
The Woman in Red was one of the first ever comic heroines. She first appeared in 1940, the alter ego of police investigator Peggy Allen. Frustrated by all the red tape of her job, Peggy decided to fight crime more directly and created the costume identity of the Woman In Red, dressed in her red floor length coat, hood and mask. Part 1 in our Woman in Red series. 🙂

Just don’t get offended if eyes start to wander away from your face towards your curves. Geeks won’t be able to resist reading the dialogue and taking in the action scenes. Really… it’s not you; it’s the dress!

Designer James Lillis created this stretchy polyester/Lycra dress in Australia. Wear this signature piece when you’re ready to hit the town in a butt-kickin’ mood. You definitely won’t want to machine wash/dry this dress because of the likelihood of shrinkage.

You can find the Woman in Red Ep.1 Dress at Black Milk for $99 AUD.

Other eye-catching ladies’ items that GeekAlerts has featured from this Aussie retailer include the Beer Dress, Nintendo Gameboy Dress, and Police Box Dress.

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