Wolverine Swords T-Shirt

Wolverine Swords TShirt

Wolverine usually has a rough time when he visits Japan and this time is no different on the Wolverine Swords T-Shirt, which features the comic book version of the adamantium-boned mutant doing his best pin cushion impression.

A costumed Logan kneels in front of the familiar ‘Rising Sun’ symbol on this white t-shirt, with three samurai swords running completely through him. His razor-sharp claws are extended and ready to put a world of hurt on people after his healing factor kicks in to handle the fatal-for-anyone-else wounds. The Japanese text over the image translates into Wolverine.

If you enjoy Wolverine, the X-Men, or just get a kick out of seeing people poked with swords, you can get the Wolverine Swords T-Shirt for $25 at Jack of all Trades Clothing.

(via Fashionable Geek)

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