Wok Kitchen Wall Clock

Wok Kitchen Wall Clock

What better way to tell the time when you’re cooking up a storm in your kitchen than with the Wok Kitchen Wall Clock? You won’t be able to use the wok on this clock as a backup in case all your woks are in use, but the clock will make for a fantastic conversation starter and is a totally quirky piece to put up on your wall.

You don’t even have to put the Wok Kitchen Wall Clock in your kitchen because it will look good on any wall in any room in your home. You might not even notice it at first when you walk into the room because it’s monochromatic (not as bright as the Ultra Flat Multi Color Wall Clock at all), but I can guarantee that you’ll do a quick double-take after you glance up to check what time it is.

Wok Kitchen Wall Clock

Wok around the clock and proclaim your love of Asian cuisine with this cooking-inspired timepiece. Whether you dish up loads of stir fry and General Tso’s chicken or you just want a great conversation piece, this wok kitchen wall clock is for you. A great gift idea for the Sinophile in your life!

  • Measures: 17L x 10D x 2.5H inches
  • Takes 1 AA Battery
  • Lightweight Metal with Plastic Handle

The Wok Kitchen Wall Clock is available from Retro Planet for $59.99 and at Amazon.com from $38.95.

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  1. That is very cool. Recycling ftw!

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