Wire Button

Wire Button

Designer Jaehyung Hong has come up with yet another useful product idea.

The subtle “Wire Button” is attached to the button of your shirt and will take care of any annoying tangling headphone cords from your MP3 player.

More pictures and info about the Wire Button over at Yanko Design.

Reader comment: Jaehyung Hong,

This is one of the broadhong design’s works.

(Via Dvice)

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7 Responses to “Wire Button”

  1. This is one of the broadhong design’s works.

  2. Simple ideas are often the best, very cool.

  3. Thanks for the info Jaehyung, I have now updated the post.

    That is very true Al.

    Thanks for your comments!

  4. Sheer genius

  5. Well, I would probably accidentally snag the cord on something and rip my shirt button right off…

  6. I used to use those small clips that came with those old wired head sets for cell phones. But this is so simple it might just work. I’ll make one out of the next plastic sheet I find. Now all I need is a buttoned shirt.

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