Winerd Game

Winerd Game

As educated adults, you may feel it is necessary to move away from the crazy college drinking games to something a little more civilized.  There is nothing wrong with a good game of beer pong, but everything has its time and place.  If you’re having your boss over or some new friends, you might want to start the night off a little easier with the Winerd Game.  This game brings wine tasting, wine trivia, and wine-loving wannabes together to learn, drink and get a little tipsy in a more refined manner.

Winerd GameWinerd Game

Always wanted to be sommelier? Always wanted to know what a sommelier is? Instead of looking it up, play this wine-themed board game with your friends to find out! Culinary and Pastry school grad Tamara Murphy of Phoenix, Arizona developed Winerd, a game that brings wine tasting, wine trivia, and wine-loving wannabes together to learn, drink and be merry. Start the game by tasting three wines and noting their flavors, aromas and colors. When your piece (a wine cork!) lands on a Blind Tasting Space, sip one of the wines and recall its name from your soon-to-be finely tuned sense memory. If you land on a Wine Label Space, answer a piece of trivia…maybe something like, “What’s the French name for a wine steward?” Winderd comes with four game pieces, but playing in teams is encouraged. Be a Winerd!

Take your wine drinking and board game playing to a new adult level with the Winerd Game available at Uncommon Goods for $35.

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