Wine Cork Coasters Kit

Wine Cork Coasters Kit

My dad brings out a bottle of wine when there’s something worth celebrating about: when I graduated with honors, when my sister gave birth to his first grandchild, and when said grandchild skipped a grade in elementary school. Now that’s a whole lot of cork-popping action (some of which were care of the Screwed by Wall Street Corkscrew.)

He collects the corks from his best wine and displays them in this wooden case he keeps in his library. For those not-so-special bottles of wine, he could probably grab some wood and bang out something that might resemble the coasters in the Wine Cork Coasters Kit. That, or he could just go buy these coasters instead.

The Wine Cork Coasters Kit is a set that’s perfect for people who love wine–and who also collect the corks from the bottles. The kit contains four wooden frames with just the right height to fit your corks.

Wine Cork Coasters Kit

Wine Cork Coasters Kit

Preserves memories and tabletops too! Fill these coasters with keepsake corks so only wine memories remain not furniture stains. A fun eco-friendly way to turn your love for wine into handsome home accents. We supply the solid mahogany frames and instructions. You supply the wine corks and imagination! Mahogany sourced from sustainable tree plantations. Set of 4. Click here for sample cork patterns. Size: 4-1/4’L x 4-1/4’W Approximately 8 wine corks are required to complete one Wine Cork Coaster.

The Wine Cork Coasters Kit is available from Amazon for $17.95.

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