Wicked Halloween Giveaway

Wicked Empire EarbudsIt is no coincidence that we just posted about Wicked Empire and Wicked Little Buds earphones. These are actually the prizes in our latest sweepstakes. One lucky winner of the Wicked Halloween Giveaway will get a pair of Wicked Empire earbuds and another winner will receive a pair of Wicked Little Buds.

No purchase is necessary. Simply add a comment on this post before 11:59 PM PDT, October 20, 2011 to enter the sweepstakes. Limit of one entry per person / email address (we will be checking). Must be at least 18 years old and a legal resident of the United States. See Official Rules.

Be sure to use a valid email address in the Email field of the comment form so that we can contact you if you win. Don’t worry, email addresses are not displayed, sold, shared, or added to any mailing lists.

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Update 10/21/11: There were a total of 137 entries (after removing any duplicates and/or late entries) and two winners have been randomly selected and notified by email.
Update 10/26/11: The prizes were shipped to the winners: Kellie L. from Newark, OH and Tracy P. from Manahawkin, NJ.

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143 Responses to “Wicked Halloween Giveaway”

  1. I skulls, so I love these aswell. Sure hope I make a chance! I’ve entered my email adress in the appropriate box.

    May the best man win!

  2. I want some!!!

  3. Those are great and I’d love to win them. Good luck everyone!

  4. Crap.. I’m not from The US, so nevermind.. 🙁

  5. Professional horror novelist here. Would LOVE to win skulls for my ears! Love ’em!

  6. Ooooh Skulls on my skull. We must go deeper.

  7. Any site that offers the recipe to Wookie Cookies is ok in my book

  8. Jess (The Cozy Reader) Reply October 5, 2011 at 6:49 am

    Thanks for the giveaway! Rad ear buds!

  9. This geek girl would be delighted if she got the earbuds!

  10. I am a skull freak. It will match my dew-rags when I am riding my bike! Hook me up!

  11. These earbuds and the others posted earlier are both nice. I am up for any buds that look this cool and will stay in my ears during a nice run.

  12. These are awesome!

  13. Veronica Critchlow Reply October 5, 2011 at 8:29 am

    Maybe my co-workers will leave me alone if I wear these.

  14. pick me!

  15. I’d love a pair of these headphones.

  16. Awesome! Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. Love this site! It always has the coolest things for my inner geek.

  18. “Brains for dinner
    Brains for lunch
    Brains for breakfast
    Brains for brunch
    Brains at every single meal
    Why can’t we have some guts”
    -Misfits, Braineaters

    … thought it fitting!

  19. These headphones are so awesome. Completely my style!

    Good luck everyone!


  21. I hope I win

  22. Wow hope that I have a chance to win these..they are sick!

  23. Please let me win! I love Music!

  24. These earphones are cool. Wish I get them!!!

  25. These look like pretty sweet headphones, I’d like a pair!

  26. Thanks for having an awesome contest!

  27. awesome!

  28. Holy nipplesauce, Batman! Gimme a little head(s)….to cram in my head!
    *Makes with the grabby hand motions of gimmeness*

  29. Dude,
    I’m a 50 year old disabled guy that spends 98% if my time in my bed in my room and my room is filled with swords and sculls. I gotta get one if I can’t win, ohhhh let me win!

  30. This is a wicked cool giveaway with a wicked cool prize. Hope all turns out well.

  31. how cool are these, thanks for this giveaway

  32. Cassandra Swanson Reply October 5, 2011 at 1:47 pm

    These would so match my skull earrings & headband I wear! Love it!

  33. Awesome! My headphones I have now are almost dead!

  34. these are cool, my sons wld LUV them

  35. I absolutely LOVE these!

  36. I Love Skulls!!!!!!

  37. Wicked cool earphones! Good luck everyone!!

  38. These Buds are too much make a great gift for sure .. :))

  39. The skulls looks so wicked!! Thanks!

  40. I’ve never seen anything like them – Awesome! Please enter me :))))

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  41. These are really cool! Would love to be picked.

  42. omgosh! i love these =]] <3

  43. Oh wow. Those are so awesome. I would love to win either one of those. Thank you for the sweepstakes.

  44. Likes GeekAlerts. BOO !!!

  45. Sweet! Count me in.

  46. I dig these. They’d be an awesome replacement to my skull candy buds…or should I say “bud” since only the left one works.

  47. In a world full of turkeys, the head turkey wears wicked buds. I aspire to be that turkey!

  48. I wont to wear these at work

  49. Nice giveaway!

  50. cool, I like!

  51. oh wowo, these are awesome!!

  52. I’ll take them. Even though I’m horrid about breaking earbuds…

  53. Oh yes *want*…..thanks for the chance!

  54. Hooray for free stuff!

  55. I heart giveaways!

  56. Great giveaway for a great product!!!!!!!! Thanks GeekAlerts and Wicked!


  58. Those ear buds are actually really cool looking.

  59. I need some! =]

  60. These buds are to die for…heh…umm…yeah…

  61. I would love to plug these skulls into my skull.

  62. These are so cool, I’d love a pair!

  63. I’m an older than dirt, Baby Boomer, Metal fan, and if don’t like that, you can bite my shiny metal ass.
    Having said that, I’d like a set.

  64. awesome! my headphones are about dead, would like them.

  65. I love Halloween. These would be very cool and my daughters would think I was the coolest!

  66. Great Halloween look for the office.

  67. I know someone that would love these!

  68. How convenient, I need headphones and I have a love for macabre.

  69. Ooo! Neat! I want those!

  70. Looks awesome! Pick me!

  71. Nice Plugs !

  72. I want my Geek!!!

  73. These would be so cool to have!

  74. I NEED these! My buds just broke and I’m completely obsessed with skulls/bones/Halloween. I’m a 30 year old goth loving nerd…too much information…

  75. Awesome ffs!! =D
    I must say that I really really hope that I win – becasue then I can match my family-skull tattoo that I have on my left upper arm 😀

    So pleaaase be nice to a swedish girl who at the moment is tearing toiletpaper because my nose is about to give up on me ;S Yeah I have a cold.. Stupid weatherm – but if I won these I would be feeling a lot cooler with my red nose outside 😉

  76. Please pick me, they are sooooo cute 😀

  77. These are awesome!!! I totally need these for my new Ipod!!!! Please enter me…..thanks:)

  78. Dat giveaway 😀

  79. these are great. even if i don’t win, i plan to buy a pair. 😀

  80. Very nice & COOL

  81. Great! My son needs a new set of cool earphones.

  82. Just what this little old nerd needs for her ipod!!!!

  83. saweet! Lemme get those!!!

  84. Thanks for a great giveaway!!

  85. this is awesome.

  86. Awesome!!! Me want some!

  87. This is an awesome giveaway!
    I would probably gift them to my friend.

  88. These look really awesome! I love Halloween and contests.. Put em together and POW! Nerdgasm.

  89. These are wicked awesome (=

  90. these are so nice! would love to have these!!! im crossing my fingers!

  91. I would be the envy of all the guys and ghouls with these.

  92. skulls on the ear buds!? what madness is this? MUST HAVE!!

  93. Sweet looking ear buds!

  94. Throwing my hat in the drawing.

  95. Gimme Gimme Gimme!

  96. Please! Please! Please! These are too awesome!

  97. Finally, a pair of ear buds I can wear without shame!

  98. I love them! I can rock out in style!

  99. Those things are amazing!!


  101. These are some awesome headphones, I need a pair too!

  102. i would love these!!

  103. great contest. thanks for the chance.

  104. This giveaway is awesome!!!

  105. I would love to have these. I haven’t seen anything like them before.

  106. This is the best thing I have ever seen! I can become the ultimate geek with these earbuds.

  107. My son would just love these………..Please pick me!!!!

  108. wow those are amazing ^^ would make a really nice gift for my geek boyfriend ^^ he would be so happy.

  109. I LOVE skulls, and these are awesome! I would love a pair!

  110. I would love a pair, so cute!

  111. These are pretty awesome.

  112. Wow those are pretty cool

  113. Those are so wicked!

    If i don’t win, I’m totally going to buy some.

  114. I want these!!!

  115. great giveaway

  116. very awesome i want a pair

  117. Love the skulls

  118. Way Cool … can’t hardly wait to try them!

  119. love the skulls!!

  120. SWEET! 😀

  121. I could use a pair of kickin’ new headphones, my current ones are plain and a couple years old.

  122. Really could use a set of very cool headphones!

  123. I need these so bad!

  124. Awesome, pick me!

  125. Behold, the cheese is uprising.
    Need earbuds to defend against the Angsty Gouda.

  126. I would love to have these,they would match my skull phone skin!!!!

  127. Oh yes. YES YES. Let me add this to my normal Goth attire. I miss scaring old ladies and Bible-bashers! Weeee!!

  128. Love everything with skulls, would adore these!

  129. Those look really cool I would love a chance to have some.

  130. These are awesome! I’d love to have a pair!

  131. These are so cool! I wants some…so does my daughter….

  132. Schweet headphones!

  133. It would attract attention? So that will attract

  134. Love these earbuds. Cannot wait for Halloween!

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