Whiskey Stone Shot Glasses

Whiskey Stone Shot Glasses

Take your drink to the next level with these Whiskey Stone Shot Glasses. They serve as pretty good alternatives to the Cool Shooters Ice Shot Glasses and you won’t have to worry about getting your drink down in a hurry so your glass won’t melt and drip along with your drink.

 You might have already heard about its sister product, the Whiskey Stones, which can chill your drink just right without leaving it watered down like ice does after it melts. To that end, these shot glasses are for the same purpose. Use the Whiskey Stone Shot Glasses with the Whiskey Stones or use them alone; the stone will be able to drop the temperature of your drink a few degrees to make it go down smooth and right.

Whiskey Stone Shot Glasses

Whiskey Stone Shot Glasses

If your drink is too harsh for you, don’t worry! Icing down your single-malt is a great way to smooth out a harsh alcohol burn. There’s no shame in adding a little water or soda, but make sure you don’t add more than you need, or that malty flavor will turn insipid and thin. Icing down your drink becomes problematic, though. As the ice melts, more water melts into your drink, ruining the delicate balance.

Hewed from natural soapstone, these rocky little cups live in the freezer until you need ’em. Pull them out, ice cold, and pour in your favorite (mine’s Balvenie 21yr Portwood). Raise to your lips and sip, slowly. Just enough to coat your tongue. Mmm. That’s good stuff. Now you’re doing it right.

The Whiskey Stone Shot Glasses are available from ThinkGeek for $39.99.

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