Werewolf Feet Sandals

Werewolf Feet Sandals

We’re well into flip-flops season now, but certain types of cold flooring can have your bare feet scrambling for the nearest oasis of carpet. If you want your feet to be cozy warm like the furry feet of a werewolf’s, then you need to slip on a pair of Werewolf Feet Sandals.

Crusty, blood-tinged and unmanicured are qualities you’ll find in these slippers. Wear your werewolf paws to answer the door and see how many solicitors you can scare away. With toenails like those, the salesman will quickly gather that you probably don’t need an extra set of knives anyway.

Werewolf Feet Slippers/Sandals

  • Slippers shaped like werewolf feet
  • Size: Men’s Large
  • Size: 4-1/4 ” x 11-1/2″ (10.5 cm x 29 cm)

Vampires and zombies have had their big hoorah, but I think it’s the werewolves that we should be looking out for next. Get a pair of Werewolf Feet Slippers/Sandals at NeatoShop for only $14.95. They come in men’s sizes, but women are welcome to wear them as well. Bust ’em out during Halloween, blue moons, or whenever you feel like it.

Other eyesores you can put on your feet are the Plush Zombie Slippers, Cthulhu Plush Slippers, and Zombie Feet Sandals.

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  1. these are awesome ,would any of ur mens sizes fit a size 8 for females?

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