Week in Geek #23, 2011

TRAMP-It Jump Shoes

If you’ve always dreamed of being able to run faster and jump higher, you need to pick up a pair of the Tramp-It Jump Shoes pictured above. They are my personal favorite gadget from the past week, but there were many awesome gizmos in the past seven days.

Another really cool one was the Darkfin Gloves that give you webbed hands so you can swim much faster. The Xploderz XBlaster 200 was also super cool, finally bringing water guns into the 21st century. There were also many fun items, like the bacon toothpaste, duck shadow shower curtain, upside down beer glass, sky umbrella, Will Farrell sunscreen, sausage link dog leash, and the Alan with Baby plush from The Hangover.

There were also plenty of cool collectibles for brands including Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel Heroes, Doctor Who, and Transformers. Check it all out in the Week in Geek #23, 2011:

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