Waterproof Festival Survival Kit

Waterproof Festival Survival KitYou never know when you might get stranded on some island or swept off at sea, right? To at least arm yourself with the basics if such kind of disaster strikes, then simple get one of these Waterproof Festival Survival Kits.

Each one of these kits contains around 16 must-have products that are tucked securely inside a waterproof pouch to keep them dry and usable in case you (or your bag) gets wet or submerged in water. These are originally intended for music festival goers who flock from state to state (or country to country) following these festivals, but I can think of a whole lot more other people who could definitely benefit from having this kit with them.

Waterproof Festival Survival KitWaterproof Festival Survival Kit

This is the perfect accessory for people who are constantly flocking from one music festival to the next. This kit has everything you need to get the most out of any outdoor event.

Did you think hygiene was incompatible with festivals?. Well, think again. This waterproof bag contains a toothbrush, toothpaste, hand gel and wipes.

The kit also includes all the basic necessities to help you get through the festival safe and sound, such as, plasters, gauze, rubbing alcohol, condoms, sun screen, earplugs, etc.

Among the less common yet practical items you’ll find are a glow stick, a keychain with a built-in torch and an emergency blanket. Why take risks? Everything you could possibly need is available in this practical kit.

The Waterproof Festival Survival Kit is available from Curiosite for $35.54 each.

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