Waterbuoy – Buoy in a Keyring


This clever device contains a rubber balloon that automatically inflates when hitting the water, causing any dropped items to rise gently to the surface.

It can lift up to 1Kg (2.2 pounds) and keep them floating for up to 24 hours. Thanks to its built-in high-intensity LED beacon, the Waterbuoy is visible from a distance of over 250 meters (272 yards) at night.


If you’re worried the Waterbuoy might inflate when some clumsy landlubber spills their pint on it, worry not. This smart rescue unit is splashproof and its patented internal triggering system only activates when totally submerged. Brilliant!

The Waterbuoy is available from Firebox for £14.95 (about $30 USD).

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Robert Birming

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6 Responses to “Waterbuoy – Buoy in a Keyring”

  1. I can remember this first being shown on TVs BBC Dragons Den show.

    The product didn’t go down well if I remember correctly and thedragons tried breaking the balloon.lol

  2. Just don’t leave it in your pocket when going for a swim… 😉

  3. @ Aled: Cool, I love that show. Didn’t see that episode though.

    @ Dark Orange: That’s true! 🙂

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