Water Tap Faucet Smartphone Stand

Water Tap Faucet Smartphone Stand

If you’re balancing Feng shui earth elements in your home and happen to be missing the water element, here’s something that might meet your needs. It’s the Elecom nendo Jaguchi iPhone/iPad Stand, but you can call it the Water Tap Faucet Smartphone Stand for short.

Water Tap Faucet Smartphone Stand

  • Can be used with iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices
  • Versions: clear, blue, white, black
  • Materials: polycarbonate, ABS

If you’re like me and don’t have an iPhone stand, the phone ends up in trivial places like the kitchen countertop, on the floor, the stairs, the dog cage.  What my phone really wants to lean on is a running faucet and stand in a pool of water.

Japanese Tap Faucet iPhone/iPad Stands

We’ve previously shown you funky cool stands, including the iPlunge Plunger, iStuck Bubble Gum, Bean Bag, Angel’s Wings and Moose Head phone stands. They serve the same purpose as the Water Tap Stand, but once you take the phone away, each stand is left looking like a kid’s toy. The Water Tap Faucet Stand is beautiful, thought-provoking piece of decor all by itself, phone or no phone.

The Water Tap Faucet Stand comes in clear, blue, white and black. Hard to choose because they all look fantastic.

Japan Trend Shop has the Water Tap Faucet Smartphone Stand for $44 US.

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