Time For Some Motorcycles

Watch Motorcycle

Jose Geraldo Pfau Kings from Santa Catarina, Brazil is the creator of these cool looking tiny motorcycles made out of watch parts. (Via Neatorama)

Motorcycle Clock

Do you rather prefer it the other way around, having a motorcycle that can tell you the time? Maybe one of these Motorcycle Clocks can be the right thing for you. Featured above is the AM/FM Radio Motorcycle ($70).

The Alarm Plays Zoom! Zoom! Motorcycle Sounds And Says Lets Go! Lets Go! Head Light Glows When The Alarm Plays. Press The Alarm Off It Says Good Morning! Size: 11in L x 7 1/2in H x 4in W.

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  1. His work is great.

    And just a small correction, it´s Santa “Catarina”. lol

  2. It sure is!

    Thank you! Entry updated.

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