Wall-E Robot TV Game

Wall-E Robot TV Game

Pixar’s animated film about the adorable WALL-E robot has its world premiere today. If you can’t get enough of this trash-compacting fellow, you can now bring him home in the shape of a TV game.

The gaming device comes with four games, plugs directly into your TV (no console or additional software needed) and requires 4 x AA batteries.

Shaped just like the title character, Wall-E has buttons on his legs so you can control games when you plug this little guy into your television set.

The Disney/Pixar Wall-E Plug and Play TV Game is available from Amazon ($19.99) and from Entertainment Earth ($29.99).

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11 Responses to “Wall-E Robot TV Game”

  1. As much as I want this game, I can’t help but notice; it looks like WALL-E is throwing up garbage, and… and well, that’s just not right.

  2. I have to agree with you Erica, it sure does. ūüôā

    Thanks for stopping by!

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