Wall-E Learning Laptop

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Wall-E Learning Laptop

We’ve seen the Transformers, Superman, Batman and Darth Vader do it. Now it’s also time for Pixar’s trash-compacting robot Wall-E to take the shape of a laptop to teach your kids about about maths, grammar and other important stuff.

Young space explorers will discover 15 activities in five modes of play teaching letters, words, math, logic and games. The Wall-E Learning Laptop comes with a flip-down QWERTY keyboard, moving arm controllers, an LCD screen and a “winking” right eye.

The Wall-E Learning Laptop is available from VTechKids.com for $29.99.

(Via Gearlog)

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  1. manratt thongsawai Reply March 19, 2010 at 7:23 am

    Hi, i’m interest on the Hero-Laptop for Kids. May u provide me more details about P/duct specifications.


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