Walking Dead Keep Calm T-Shirt

Walking Dead Keep Calm TShirt

There are a lot of rules to be followed when the dead rise from their graves to gnaw on our bones and the Walking Dead Keep Calm T-Shirt will help you remember them because I think our brains will be too busy freaking out to remember things like that if zombies do actually start chasing us.

Instead of a skull and crossbones, the black, 100% cotton shirt features a zombie head with a rifle and ax crossed over each other, along with a little blood splatter to add some color.

The rules for surviving a zombie apocalypse, according to the shirt, are:

  • Keep calm
  • Don’t trust the Governor
  • Don’t go to Woodbury
  • Don’t leave the prison
  • Don’t run out of ammo
  • Don’t go to the city
  • Don’t get trapped
  • Don’t make noise
  • Don’t be a hero
  • Don’t split up
  • Don’t get bit
  • Don’t panic

Seems pretty simple, right?

Improve your chances at surviving zombies by letting your clothes do some of the work your brain will be too scared to do.

Get the Walking Dead Keep Calm T-Shirt for $19.88-$21.88 at StylinOnline.com.

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