Vuzix Wrap 310XL Video Eyewear Giveaway

Vuzix Wrap 310XL Video Eyewear GiveawayJust yesterday we introduced the Vuzix Wrap 310XL Video Glasses and the response was very positive. Now you have a chance to win a pair of these incredible video glasses in GeekAlerts’ Vuzix Wrap 310XL Video Eyewear Giveaway.

The Wrap 310XL Video Eyewear allows you to experience all the excitement and visual prowess of a 55 inch high resolution screen from the comfort of anywhere. Just slide the glasses on and plug them into your Apple device or any other NTSC or PAL audio/video devices with video-out capabilities and composite video connections and you’re ready to start enjoying movies and videos at your leisure in both 2D and 3D. Turn long business trips and busy households into your private viewing areas without all the onlookers and bothersome interruptions.

To enter to win this sweepstakes, simply add a comment on this post before 11:59 PM PDT, November 4, 2011.  No purchase is necessary. Limit of one entry per person / email address (we will be checking). Must be at least 18 years old and a legal resident of the United States. For all the details, read the Official Rules.

Use a valid email address in the Email field of the comment form, otherwise we won’t be able to contact you if you win. Don’t worry, email addresses are not displayed, sold, shared, or added to any mailing lists.

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Update 11/6/11: There were a total of 80 entries (after removing any duplicates and/or late entries) and the winner has been randomly selected and notified by email.

Update 11/14/11: The prize was shipped to the winner: Daniel O. from Chicago, IL.

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87 Responses to “Vuzix Wrap 310XL Video Eyewear Giveaway”

  1. This looks really cool!

  2. I would love to win one of these. I’ll never be able to afford it, but have dreamed since I was a child of something like it.

  3. Just comment on the post? Like right here? Okay. Gimme gimme gimme!

  4. Oooooo! pretty… gizza go!

  5. Awesome….

    MUST HAVE!!!

  6. Cool ! I wanr

  7. I really need these…If I get them, I will personally promote geekalerts by spamming all of my friend’s, and my friend’s friends facebook pages with how great the site is…

  8. Kavitakumari Solanki Reply October 28, 2011 at 6:56 am

    I WANT!!!

  9. These look awesome! My comment is in!

  10. Seem to be very cool. Wonder how it would look on a ps3.

  11. The promise of these is great. If I win, I will have to convince wife I just didn’t buy them.

  12. Yeah, I’ll comment for a shot at these awesome glasses! The perfect traveling companion.

  13. Have been dying to get a pair of these…Hope to win so I can hook them up to a head mounted camera and not have view the real-world at all!

  14. The first step to technology that I’ve been hoping for since I was a teen.

  15. I would love one of these!

  16. Technology at its finest. WANT. 😀

  17. Wouldn’t mind getting one.

  18. Well, I’m excited! Since I can’t afford an iPad, this might beef up my 1st gen iPod touch. Thank you for the chance. 🙂

  19. These look wonderful. Would love a pair.

  20. But are they good for augmented reality games?

  21. Thanks for the give-away … GeekAlerts rocks!

  22. Sweet!

  23. How awesome!

  24. May the gods of internet giveaways smile upon me!

  25. Yay! So awesome!

  26. These look totally awesome. Someday…

  27. WOW! This is so sci-fi!

  28. I would benefit so much from these.

  29. This looks amazing!!!

  30. Must. Have.

  31. These look Awesome!

  32. Whoo! Count me in!

  33. This would make amazing birthday present for my husband (and yes, that’s where it will go if I win it). So amazing that I’ll play for pity: he’s unable to work due to aftermath of cancer, and he loves movies…so pick me!

  34. Wow!!! I will be commenting from now on…or til Nov. 4

  35. I wanna win!

  36. I’ve wanted one of these since they were first “envisioned”. /Almost/ all the way back to the days when Dick Tracy’s 2-Way Wrist Radio got replaced by a 2-Way Wrist TV. It couldn’t have actually been that year as I was only 5 years old, but I’ve been a technophile as long as I can remember.

  37. I would like to win this . this is so cool

  38. Very cool!!!

  39. I remember see these things at sharper image as a kid and thinking if I could wear one, I too could be like data.

  40. I don’t use apple products, but I bet my niece would love these.

  41. Cool stuff! I want them, I’ve tried some on before and fell in love.

  42. I used to have something like these but they were not nearly as cool and broke. This is awesome

  43. These look amazing. Would certainly turn my 4.5 hour commute into a breeze!

  44. Those would be great to have

  45. Oh man! Watch what I want without people peeking over my shoulder?!?!? WIN WIN WIN!!! I want!

  46. OMG, awesomesauce!

  47. I’ve wanted a pair of these for quite a while now!

  48. I could totally drown out annoying people with these!

  49. These are cool!

  50. These would make working so much more fun. I could go from doing as little as possible to doing absolutely nothing!

  51. very cool indeed.

  52. Wow! You know, as an oldtime SF fan, this is my Science Fiction coming true! My grandson would be blown away by these – assuming I’d share them….

  53. Yes PLEASE!

  54. Might try to play games with it!

  55. Count me in, I’d love to win these and see how they do. Thanks!

  56. Whoa. Are you saying that I could watch a movie without wishing for X-ray vision to see through whomever wanders in and parks themselves in front of my bitty 17″ screen? Inconceivable! I haven’t seen anything without at least 5 interruptions in at least a decade. It would be a miracle and a half.

  57. Since I only have a 19 inch tv, this would be like heaven!!

  58. These would come in VERY handy when it comes to being able to watch anything at anytime, without disturbing… let’s say, your spouse, when they’re trying to get some decent sleep – and you’re NOT!! INSOMNIA Cure… or CAUSE?!? :0)

  59. Cool I hope I win. >^_^<

  60. I want that.

  61. These look absolutely awesome.

  62. Technology is amazing.

  63. That looks pretty awesome! If I had a pair I may be able to give the bulb on my projector a break:)

  64. Would love a pair of these for plane rides or watching tv in bed while the wife sleeps 🙂

  65. Looks so cool! Id use the hell out it!

  66. Wow! These look incredible! I have sudden exciting visions of watching Stargate from my iPod while on the treadmill or bike at the gym!

  67. wow those are neat.

  68. I have been wanting to try these for my “red eye” flights to CA, hope I can try them for free!

  69. I’ve always wanted a pair of vid glasses

  70. AllRight!!!!! Looks Good….

  71. Pleas.. pick me

  72. This would be just about the coolest thing ever!

  73. Looks awesome! : )

  74. I want one!

  75. Very nice

  76. Great product

  77. Are they really that good…

  78. Hello guys. To all of you who entered the contest, I just wanted to let you know I was the lucky one who one the Vuzix Wrap 310XL Video Eyewear. They are awesome!!! Thank you for giving me an early Christmas

  79. Ihave been begging for vid glasses for 5 years and these look like the best would love to win for my belated birthday 11/21

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