Volcom Monkey Suit Zip Hoodie

Volcom Monkey Suit Zip Hoodie

If you’ve never been called a monkey, then you’re either a very successful business person or have a very loving mother. Either way, you’ve been missing out and now is the perfect time to let your inner monkey lose. Suit up in the Volcom Monkey Suit Zip Hoodie and let them have it.

Made from a 60% cotton and 40% polyester blend, this hoodie will keep you warm even you you’re behaving. If the monkey face with a gold tooth, gold chain and gold loop earring through the nose doesn’t say party, then the Hawaiian themed pattern will.

Volcom Monkey Zip Hoodie

People said the Monkees monkey-ed around, but they never monkey-ed like this. This hoodie from Volcom zips all the way over the face, causing anyone wearing to look like a chilled out monkey wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Mesh over the eyes and mouth allow for easy seeing and speaking. Features two front pockets. Cotton/polyester blend. Available in sizes SM-XL.

Purchase the Volcom Monkey Suit Zip Hoodie at Fred Flare for $88 and let the party begin…If you prefer a more serious alter ego you could always try on the Batman Face Hoodie or for want-to-be evildoers the Joker Face Hoodie.

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