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Video GlassesNothing beats kicking back and enjoying a little bit of cinema awesomeness on your seriously serious entertainment system that’s rockin’ the big screen… but trivial things like work and life make it hard to spend the rest of our lives in digital heaven. Put the big screen in your pocket with the Video Glasses from ChinaVision.

This awesome piece of eyewear has a video display in both the right and left lenses, creating the effect of seeing a 40-inch video screen. The handheld media player works with movies, photos, eBooks and video games so you’ll never be at a loss for variety when it comes to entertainment on the go.

Video Glasses Rear View


  • Can watch movies anywhere you go
  • Simulates a 40 inch screen
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Safe, fun and easy to use
  • Media player comes with 1.3MP photo camera
  • 3.5mm headphone jack for high quality audio
  • Can play downloaded Nintendo and Sega ROM games
  • Comes with 2GB internal memory and SD card slot
  • 12-month guarantee

Put the big screen in your pocket and on your face with the lightweight and comfortable Video Glasses from ChinaVision for $139.39.

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  1. too close to watch video, don’t know the effect on the eyes

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