Vesta Liquid Fuel Fireplace

Vesta Liquid Fuel Fireplace

Tell your guests not to be alarmed in advance if they walk into your living room and see one wall start to go up in flames. It’s just the Vesta Liquid Fuel Fireplace in action, not a cause for worry but definitely something that’s worth writing home about.

Most modern houses nowadays don’t incorporate a fireplace into a design. And of course, you can’t expect to have one if you live in a flat. But if you want one in your home, then the Vesta Liquid Fuel Fireplace can make it happen.

Vesta Liquid Fuel Fireplace

It’s a wall-mounted contemporary fireplace that is fashioned from high-grade polished stainless steel. The fireplace makes use of liquid fuel, so no need for any firewood! The fireplace is actually powered by Purefuels, which is a premium renewable fuel based on ethanol.

  • Dimensions: 18.1 (L), 7.9 (W), 29.5 (H)
  • Weight: 14.3 lbs
  • 304 Stainless Steel Burner 16 U.S. Fluid ounces
  • Burn time: 4-5 hours per 32 ounces

Fire up your wall without burning your house down with the Vesta Liquid Fuel Fireplace, which retails for $500.99 from Amazon.

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