Verbarius Digitless Clock

verbarius digitless clock

The Verbarius Digitless Clock is as unusual and wordy as clocks can get. You’d normally expect to see some digits on most clocks, but not on this one. Instead, the time is served up to you with the numbers (and the time, essentially) all spelled out.

With five preloaded languages and additional languages available for download, you can make telling time a fun learning experience. Let’s just hope you’re not in any rush to get anywhere, since it will take a little longer to read what time is and a groggy morning person may not realize that they’re already running twenty minutes late.

verbarius digitless clock

Verbarius Digitless Clock

  • Digital clock can tell time without digits!
  • Great for learning your numbers and time-telling in a new language
  • Comes with five preloaded languages: English, German, Spanish, French and Russian
  • Additional languages are available for download (instructions in the box!):
  • Belarusian, Dutch, Esperanto, Estonian, Finnish, German (Bern), Hungarian, Italian, Lettish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Slovenian, Swedish, Tatar, Turkish, Ukranian, Welsh, with more being added!
  • LCD screen behind midnight tinted glass
  • USB port is on the back of the clock
  • Power source of 110/220v, backup battery in case of power failure
  • Package includes: Clock, power cord, USB connector, CR2032 battery, 512 MB SD card (to store language data)
  • Dimensions: 7.9″×2.8″×1.7″

The Verbarius Digitless Clock is available from ThinkGeek for $189.99.

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