Vaultskin Lexx iPhone 5 Wallet Case


If you don’t like the bulk of a wallet, when it’s coupled with your iPhone, then you should consider an iPhone wallet case. The Lexx iPhone 5 Wallet Case from Vaulskin is the slimmest wallet case currently available.

The Lexx iPhone Wallet Case will allow you to store up to 8 cards, but that’s not all. You can also stash away cash, keys, or other valuable items. The case comes with a magnet strip that will keep your items secure.

Vaultskin Lexx iPhone 5 Wallet Case

  • Designed to hold 8 cards, cash, keys or other valuables
  • Improved design allows easy access
  • Powerful magnet helps to keep cards secure
  • Separate pocket for your two most frequently used cards
  • Made of genuine premium leather

The Vaultskin Lexx iPhone 5 Wallet Case is available for $47.99 in black or dark brown at

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One Response to “Vaultskin Lexx iPhone 5 Wallet Case”

  1. got one from amazon last week, just now getting acclimated. i used to carry my ip4 in an engraved bamboo case in my shirt pocket, and a slim wallet with essential cards in my pants pocket. the vaultskin makes the phone a little too bulky for the shirt pocket, but incorporates the wallet nicely. the pockets on the vaultskin are pretty tight to start, and i don’t think i’ll ever be putting two cards in the front slot, but my business cards and a small wad of cash fit snugly. i almost wish it had a penloop. this case offers the same protection as the bamboo case (all back and most of edges) with a large opening for non-apple power cord plugs. with the invisishield over the screen, i feel like my ip4s is securely protected. well worth $30.

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