Vampire Wine Bottle Holder

Vampire Wine Bottle Holder

A cool wine bottle holder is a nice way to spice up your decor and add an interesting conversation piece to your home. For example, those Chain and Rope wine bottle holders from awhile back were really awesome, aided by the optical illusion that they were defying gravity. Another unique choice is this new Vampire Wine Bottle Holder. It is intricately detailed, handpainted, holds a standard 750 ml size wine/liquor bottle, and looks like a vampire that is drinking (or attempting to drink) the bottle of wine he is holding.

Vampire Wine Bottle Holder

Vampire Wine Bottle Holder

  • Wine bottle holder shaped like a vampire, lying down and drinking from a bottle of wine
  • Hand painted with intricate design
  • Holds a standard 750 ml bottle of your favorite wine or liquor
  • Great conversation piece!

Buy the Vampire Wine Bottle Holder for $34.95 at Neatoshop. It is also available for sale through and

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